Dance Tonight offers Minneapolis Salsa, Ballroom, Swing, Latin, and Waltz Dancing Instruction.
Dance Tonight - Ballroom, Swing, Salsa Dance Instruction

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Dance Tonight staff.
L-R:  Sarah, Ty, Eric, Francesca
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Phone: 612-825-0077

Our Lessons Are Fun and Easy!


You will have a BLAST in our Minneapolis dance studio! Our teachers are experts at making your lessons fun, easy, personal and always teach on a level you can easily understand. We specialize in ballroom dance instruction, Latin, Swing, Modern, and Country dance instruction.

You do not need previous dance experience to take lessons in our school. Our beginner students always feel at home in our easy-going atmosphere.

Dancing is an amazing activity, which brings many benefits to our lives! As a result, we are enthusiastic and passionate about teaching this unique social and physical skill.

Mission Statement

We are a unique Minneapolis dance studio operating in the Twin Cities Metro area. Our mission is to create an environment which promotes a feeling of belonging within a group of people who are socially inspired by dancing. Our goal is to positively change everyone’s life through the art of dance.

Dancing is social.
Knowing how to dance will increase
your social self-confidence!!

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